school is over soon!!

  1. Our final is on 9 May 03, nursing school is over! I don't think I have ever been happier. I start my job in August at a level III NICU at a large teaching hospital. It is my dream job. I also start an RN-BSN program in May. Congrats to all the other graduates!!
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  3. by   Dublin37
    Wow, how wonderful!! That's totally what I'd love to do! Will they have a preceptor? Or extensive training?
    Good luck and God bless you! Heather
  4. by   ftrnicurn
    It will be 36 hours of precepting and 8 hours of classes a week for 12 weeks. You keep the same preceptor throughout. After the 12 weeks you get an officially appointed mentor to guide you for the first year. They also promise not to put you in a pod with only unexperienced nurses for the first year.
  5. by   USA987
    Congrats on your upcoming job and starting the BSN program too. You sure are going to have your plate full!!!