Scheduling of classes and clinicals, Adivce please

  1. Hi everyone,

    In the next few weeks I will have to schedule my classes and clinicals to begin the nursing program in Fall '03.

    Because it is an evening/weekend program I will have clinicals every Saturyday from 7-3 and then "Lab" and possibly "Lecture" will be on a weekday evening. I say possibly lecture because I am hoping to take the lecture portion over the internet rather than attend an actual class.

    I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on which day of the week would be the best day to do my lab and possibly lecture.

    If based on your experineces, it was better/easier to do lab closer or further away from your clinical day. I believe lab/lecture is offered Monday thru Thursday.

    Please let me know your advice and experiences. I work in the day time 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday and I have allready ruled out Friday evenings so that I can prepare for clinical on Saturday.

    Thanks much,


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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    In my experience it doesn't matter one whit how close the lab & lecture are to clinical day (within a week or so). I'd just choose a day that works for you and your family if you have one.

    I think if it was me, and nothing else conflicted with my schedule (kids' ball games, favorite shows on TV, etc) I'd probably do the lab & lecture on Thursdays. That gives you Fridays to prep for clinical but the material will still be fresh in your mind when you do clinical. It also bunches your coursework together so that you have a long span of time to "have a life" in between. "Have a life" is used loosely, lol. It includes homework time, reading time, and leisure time. You'll have most of the week to rest up and prepare for classes, lab, and clinical - rather than spreading everything out evenly.

    But that's just how *I* like to do things - get it all over with at once whenever possible.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    My clinicals and classes were scheduled for me. I had no choices. Plus I also worked part-time.

    Good luck in your choices. Remember to make a little time for yourself!