Rotatins at other schools??

  1. Hey Guys,
    My name is Beverly McKee and I attend North GA. College and State University in North GA. I was wondering how other schools do thier rotations in their second year of the ADN program. At my school we do a OB, Peds., Psyc., and med. surg. rotation. During our peds and med surg rotations we get a chance to go to the OR and observe. My clinical instructor was saying that we are lucking in getting to go to the OR. I was curious as to how other school's rotations work and if other schools allow their nursing students to go to the OR to observe? Thanks for any insight!!

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  3. by   Katnip
    Hi Beverly.

    I go to the University of MD in Baltimore. It's a BSN program and we transfer in from other schools for prereqs. We start clinical rotations in our second semester of junior year (January for me). Our first semester is adult health with a class in gerentology. We can have our rotations at the UMMS, Johns Hopkins, the VA or choose from a couple of other hospitals. (The nice thing about being in a large metro area) Spring Semester we alternate OB and peds, again with a choice of hospitals, and have psych for the whole semester in outpatient, inpatient, prisons or drug rehab. Spring semester of senior year we do clinicals in community health and a specialty of our choice.

    During the clinicals we are given the opportunity to visit OR, ICU, NICU, shock trauma and ED in each rotation to observe before we choose a specialty.
  4. by   jeharshman
    You are lucky in my Pedi rotation I did not get to go to the OR. My rotation group was very unlucky because we were stuck at the hospital on orentation day until almost 5 pm. Because we had to do the modules. We did not get observations any where except the rehab unit. I did luck out because I pestered the instructor until she got me into the NICU that was awesome. But everyday we were there we had patients. I am in my med/surg rotation right now and I did go to the OR and that was real cool. I wish I got a second day in the ER. That was the most fun I had on observation days in this rotation. I can't believe we only have two days left at clinical this semester.
  5. by   jenniferj
    I am attending Jackson Community College in Jackson, Michigan. In the RN-ADN program, first semester is Fundamentals, with 8 weeks spent in lab and 8 weeks in a nursing home, first with one patient, then two. We also have our nursing theory class and assessment (how to do a head-to-toe) that semester. Second semester is Patho, with Med-Surg for 8 weeks, (15 hours of clinical per week, one week spend two days in OR), and Family I for 8 weeks- 4 weeks of Peds clinical including one day at Head Start, and 4 weeks of OB clinical, including 1 day of L&D observation. Third semester is 5 1/2 weeks of Family II, mostly labor and delivery, special care nursery, and very ill children. Then 5 1/2 weeks of Mental Health, then 5 1/2 weeks of Med-Surg called Partially Compensatory (Orem's Theory), people who can breath on their own but definitely aren't getting out of bed. Last semester is Fully Compensatory- CCU, ICU, Emergency for a total of 8 weeks, and then Leadership, which requires a large project, and either two days a week clinicals, or a preceptorship in the area that you are interested in. Hope this is what you were looking for!
  6. by   meownsmile
    We do rotations in second year. We change hospital locations every 4-5 weeks. Although we havent had much med/surg in second year(they did that rotation in first year, im ADN bridge) we were all rotated through Cardiac ICU, and surgery.

    Our instructors were great trying to get us all into some type of cardiac surgery, and cathiterization.
    I got a day in the cardiac cath lab to observe and then was rotated to surgery a couple weeks later.
    I was lucky to get to stand in on a quad bypass with heart/lung machine. I stood there for 5 hours until clinical was over, and they still werent done. I felt like i had been hit with a board when i finally sat down. But to get to see that kind of surgery as a student was great.

    During LPN school 9 years ago i did get to rotate into gen surgery also, and got in on a C-section and a couple other abdominals.
  7. by   mlvogt
    I go to chemeketa community college in Oregon and our rotation for next term is peds ob and med surg and we do get to go watch surgery I think it will be exciting except we have a huge writing assignment over the surgery observation
  8. by   meownsmile
    Hey! mvlogt.....
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