RNs on my clinical unit are mean! - page 3

Yikes, this is the 4th clinical day on the unit I have been assigned to and our co-assigned RNs are really mean and unhelpful. They really dont want to be bothered with students. They are nice to... Read More

  1. by   AfloydRN
    I don't think anyone who graduates from nursing school does not encounter mean people. Face it, there are mean people in the world. You are there to learn, not do their job. Ask educated questions and ignore the ignorance. This too shall pass. Unfortunately, it's all part of the game. Welcome to nursing.
  2. by   cota2k
    I was fortunate while on med surg to get students from the program I had graduated from. I feel it provided me with an opportunity to show, rather than teach, the students why they are bustin their butts on meds, careplans, patho... I showed them a professional nurse. Also an opportunity suck up to a Clinical Instructor that was awesome!
  3. by   Firefly1009
    Wow if you think about it... if this is happening to students over and over again that would explain one of the reasons why its so divided! Nurses turning on each other! Well nurses turning on soon 2 be nurses! Sheeesshh! SMH.. there is no excuse! Just like nursing students have 2 deal with mean people nurses need to learn to be more patient and learn to deal with students in a better way! You treat people how you wanna be treated! That's how life is period.