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I'll be graduating in May 2003 from an ADN program, and I just received RNotes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide from Amazon. I wish I had had it for clinical's from the beginning. It's pretty small... Read More

  1. by   annegracious85
    did u happen to get the 2009 version or 2007 version. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. by   ashlea102188
    I'm not sure what edition I have. I'm assuming it's 2007 because someone gave it to me in 2009 after she had graduated. But it is worth the money!
  3. by   annegracious85
    Oh okay, thanks for the recommendation!~
  4. by   shrimpchips
    I love RNotes! I carry it to clinical with me My only gripe is that it can sometimes be hard to find information, even though they are tabbed off my sections but for example if you're trying to find some information on central lines, you know it's under the "Meds/IV" tab, but where? Other than that it's a great reference
  5. by   annegracious85
    maybe making your own tabs on the side of the book might help? I just ordered it on HALF.com

    I bought, MEDSURG(2007), RNOTES (2006) and LABnotes(2009). For 63 dollars. The shipping was like 11.99! I still saved money since each of these books costs around 24.95 retail price. Half.com ripped me of my coupon. It applied 5 dollars off to the total of 63 dollars, but then when I checked out, it was back to the original price of 63 dollars, and not 58. ARGH. OH well...still saved 11.85.

    I am worried that shipping might be slow. =( There is a blizzard here in MD.
  6. by   CharlieT
    Rnotes was a required book in my program. It was $25 in the bookstore, I got mine for less than half that on ebay. I seem to be the only one who carries one to clinical, have loaned it out a million times.