Resume for Nursing Program

  1. Hi everyone!,
    I want to include a resume with my applications. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how to create a resume that would stand out? Are there any websites that I can refer to? Thanks.
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  3. by   shleynic
    There are all kinds of samples all over the internet, but try this one.
  4. by   Daytonite
    there are links to websites with resume information on the nursing career advice forum on allnurses on this thread: - "resume-writing 101". includes a set of links at the bottom of the article to the resume information at the major job seeker sites. - "looking good on paper: professional advice for building powerful resumes" from nurseweek. a short article on the critical basics to incorporate into your resume. - a listing of links to articles on writing up a resume as well as some information on cover letters from

    cover letter links: - a step-by-step guide of what goes on a cover letter done in the format of how the letter should appear. - "cover letters that sell". this article contains an outline and guideline of what each paragraph of a cover letter should contain. - "covering cover letters". includes a summary of what a cover letter should contain. - "ten cover letter don'ts" - "sample cover letters: first impressions count - avoid common cover letter mistakes".
  5. by   3Triages
    Thanks for the websites everyone- its very useful
  6. by   Ebouster
    I went to the library and got a book on resumes. There was even a book devoted to NURSING RESUMES. It was a god send. Oh, and I got into the program.. =)