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  1. Can you please share what the program is like thus far. Your typical class week for example.

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  3. by   Josh L.Ac.
    The first eight or so weeks were school + lab from 8:00-15:00 M-Th with about 2 tests a week. After that to the present [2 weeks left in 1st semester], we have lecture from 8:00-15:00 M and Th and clinic from 6:30-15:00 on T and W. Monday afternoons we get our patient information and spend the night researching [side-note: I highly recommend Griffith's 5-minute consult for looking up diseases - it's a medical book but much more concise than any nursing book I've found].

    The load has lightened up a bit so I'm probably going to start working on Fridays.
  4. by   I RN A
    BSN program accelerated. This program is 2 years and 3 mo, the regular is 3 years. The only difference in course work is that we have to come to school during the summer, so we finish faster. Just finished my first quarter. It wasn't bad. My schedule was T-Th 6:45 -12 clinical and 2-4 lecture. Next quarter will be harder. T-Th 6:45-12:00 clinical, 2 lectures and a lab starting at 1:00 to 6:00.
  5. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    I attended our 1st orientation a few weeks ago, and some of the current students mentioned to us, that there are also some weekend clinical choices. Do you anything about this that you can share? If that is the case then, 2 days a week can be freed up for study
  6. by   joyfulgal
    I am also curious about anyone who is going through an accelerated program right now. I have been accepted to one and will start Aug'07. The program is one year in length (3 semesters total) Fall '07, Spring '08, and last semester or preceptorship during the summer of '08. I have been told that it is very very intense. Hours are comparable to a full time job M-F 8am to 5 pm with lots of study, research papers and care plans to write. I have to admit, I am a little scared but so very excited all at the same time. I can't wait to start! I am currently in the process of completing 4 pre-reqs that I must pass with a "C" or better to enter the program. That is the only thing standing in my way right now. However one of those classes is Ogranic Chemistry.. ..just started on Dec 4. I just have to focus on that knowing what my goal is...I will get through. Any information or reply's please let me know how it is going! This site is so helpful!
  7. by   I RN A
    Yes, there is F-Sat clinical. Some people like it and some have no choice since by the time their priority registration comes they are left with F-Sat. In this case you have to come to school 4 x week. It varies from school to school but in my school you have to come to school 4 x week anyway because you need to pick out a pt for the clinical one night before and to write a care plan for this pt.
  8. by   Darth Nightingale
    Quote from sa2bdoctor
    can you please share what the program is like thus far. your typical class week for example.

    btw: i was the nerdy guy on your far right when you came to the meet and greet. my diablo ii character is up to 55 level now!!
    top ten things to happen to me @ rcon

    10. comforted a pt wife who was told her husband was going to die in a couple weeks. i was honored to be in such a position.
    9. talked to a paranoid schizophrenic who thought they were demon possessed. (and had the 2nd degree murder conviction to back him up)
    8. learned how to cath a double amputated transgendered mannequin. (you'll see)
    7. haven't missed my old life once.
    6. was told by a patient to kiss her a$$)
    5. got a kiss on the hand by the above patient and told i was wonderful just three hours prior. ( the joys of dementia)
    4. saw an open heart surgery (cabgx4) less than 3 feet away ( i was at the head).
    3. met my instructors. with few exceptions (maybe only one), they are really good and want you to succeed. not unusual to get an email from them on a sunday night with guidance on the upcoming test and best wishes. ao's tend to overstudy. it's funny how often they have to talk us down.
    2. came to understand and love the kidney.
    1. met my class. i have a very cool class. everyone is smart, motivated. a lot of really cool people. i laugh about something every day.

    worst things to happen to me.
    1. had to study nursing theory. (why are there no male nurse theorist?)
    2. "you've got potentialapalooza" (i'll explain later)
    3. having to sit in the yawnatorium. (seats make my butt hurt)
    4. came to grips that i am no longer the "smartest guy in the class" everyone is smart and motivated.
    5. comforted a woman who was told that her husband was going to die in two weeks (makes both list)
    6. losing sleep at night. so much depends on every test (or at least we make our selves think so). i've just gotten back to a regular sleeping pattern.
    7. not working. not only do i miss the money, i miss just working. (going to fix that next semester)
    8. watching a video that details the 498 step bed bath method (as if...)
    9. gained 15 pounds (going to fix that problem soon too)
    10. going through the motions. it's a very good program. do what you are told and you will get through it just fine. (246 days until pinning!) but the days drag on. do this, go here, study that, write up this. it's not a lot and nothing unreasonable. just motions. lecture-study-test (repeat ad nauseum)

    i hardly ever study during the week unless i just want to (m-th). i study heavily friday, saturday and sunday. clinical paper work does take a fair amount of time on monday nights. the paper work that i do adds to my learning though so i think it's ok. for example, we studied diabetes (again) on last monday, and wouldn't you know it my pt the next day had been admitted to the er with uncontrolled diabetes (blood glucose ~600). kind of keeps the lecture real when you see it face to face.

    tips for success.
    1. do the work, there are no short cuts, and why would you want to take them anyways.
    2. know your physiology. many of the questions are common sense if you have a basic understanding of physiology
    3. get a lap top.
    4. sit near someone who has a power strip
    5. #1 tip. just focus on what is infront of you. right now it is probably pre requequisites. focus on that. when it's patho, focus on that.

    hope that helps,