recording lectures on PDA

  1. Ok, I have been researching PDAs for awhile now and I really wanted one that has digital voice recording for lectures. It looks to me like I will have to go for the most expensive Palm, LifeDrive, to get this feature. It's a whopping $399!! But it has virtually everything I am looking for: voice recording, mp3 player, wi-fi, bluetooth.
    Anyone have a LifeDrive or used it for recording lectures? How was the quality?
    Is there another PDA with recording capabilities that I should consider?
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  3. by   blueyesue
    PDA's are great. One thing you might want to check on is the amount of memory required to hold different lengths of recording time.
  4. by   OnTheRoad
    I have never used my PDA for voice recording personally. I have the T/X Personally for voice recording I got a Digital voice recorder I could connect to my computer so I could store all my lectures on my computer and I use the PDA for nursing programs and schedules.
  5. by   pdmech73
    I recommend using a flashed based mp3 player like the one I use for my classes: 512megabyte Creative Muvo TX FM. very cheap and better recording quality than a PDA. seen here:

    MuVo TX FM - high fidelity music from a pocket sized MP3 player

    It records the lecture into mp3 format which an hour lecture is only like 20-30 megabytes. It's also great because it uses AAA battery and does not need to be recharged. I don't have time in the world with my schedule sometimes to get it recharged so I just buy those disposable Duracell batteries. I also type my notes on the laptop and draw diagrams on paper.

    I have a Dell Axim x30 624mhz pda also. I used to use it, but it was a hassle to carry both my cellphone and pda. I now carry my T-Mobile MDA instead (pda + phone in 1 device). I like recording on my mp3 player because I can listen to the lecture as I walk around campus or plug it into my radio in my truck for the drive home.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm just a gadget-kind-of-guy. :crash_com lol

    -Paul :-)