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wooo hooo...finally received my acceptance letter! I will begin class January 8, 2007. I will be attending MTI in Bradenton, FL. Now to seek out some reasonably priced Landau Uniforms. I could... Read More

  1. by   mkcrturner
    Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats to all the rest who will begin in January. My books are slowly rolling in, so that makes me feel a little better. I managed to save about $75 by ordering online. I was hoping to save more, but was short on searching time.
    I am hoping alot of the little extras are given to me as Christmas gifts

    I am now wondering what it will be like to be IN school.... thank goodness I found this forum- I love reading the progress of all the others to get a preview of what to expect
  2. by   sitesonRN
    it must be nice being able to start buying the things you need for ns.

    i found out on 12/8 that i was accepted and will be starting 1/16 and still have not received the "envelope"...that's right, i have no idea what i need to buy, scrubs, books, etc. i called my cc on friday and all i got was "comming soon". it awful knowing that i am missing out on a lot of great money saving deals. plus i am just anxious to have my packet, i equate the packet to "reality".

    anyone else still waiting on info from their school?

    congrats to all.
  3. by   Epona
    [font=lucida sans unicode]congrats to everyone!!! :icon_mrgreen:

    great news!

    i got into a bsn program myself and i too start in jan.

    hey! we are all in this together... nurses to be!! yahoo!

    merry christmas from me!! resent1:

  4. by   ashlee22
    Congrats to all of you: i got my acceptance letter recently as well and will be starting on january 16th. I am so excited yet nervous. I am really happy because I finally realize that is the career that i would like to pursue

    I wish all of you the best of luck and may god help all of us succeed
  5. by   GeminiTwinRN
    oh boy, do I remember that great day when I received my acceptance letter to nursing school! congrats to all of you!!

    enjoy these coming years!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. by   moongirl