1. I am completing a care plan for self care deficit. I have almost the whole thing completed, but having a problem finding the rationale for the intervention of dressing client in street clothes after bathing. I know why I am doing it I think (because appearance is important to feeling of wellness and self concept), but I have to figure out how to find the rationaale in my textbook as we have to quote page numbers for rationales. So wording is very important. Any keywords you could recomend for finding my quote for rationale? I am using kozier and erb btw
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  3. by   Daytonite
    one of the suggested nics (nursing intervention classifications) for this particular diagnosis that is listed in nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 7th edition, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig. mosby. st. louis, mo. 2006. page 1022 is: "encourage the client to dress appropriately for time of day. perform dressing and grooming activities in a consistent sequence each day. [the rationale is. . .] an established routine of waking and dressing provides a sense of normalcy and increases motivation to perform self-care." you could reasonably expand that to say you perform the dressing after bathing.

    the outcomes for this particular diagnosis do not include the feeling of wellness and self. that is something that is more is fitting with a self-esteem problem and feelings would be addressed under that diagnosis. the self-care deficit diagnoses are specifically about patients who are unable to perform these particular activities, in this case dressing and grooming, due to perceptual or cognitive impairment, physical inability, lack of motivation, pain or severe anxiety--all things blocking them from performing this activity. if your patient has a self-esteem problem you might want to look at your assessment data again and consider using another diagnosis like readiness for enhanced self-concept which has to do with self-esteem enhancement. however, this is a diagnosis that is more frequently associated with psychiatric patients, particularly teens.
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    Thank you for your help. I didn't actually come up with these diagnosis myself, so I cannot nor would I change them. I don't have any clients to diagnose yet This is wk 4 of 1st semester and we were given diagnosis and interventions where we have to come up with rationales as an assignment and learning tool for next week when we have to actually do it. I just ASSumed it would be very sad for the nursing home client with self care defecits to have to rely on help to do ADL's which is why I focused on the feeling of wellness (I always feel best when dressed nicely and groomed appropriately). I am getting ahead of myself there seeing as I haven't even met the client