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As some of you know, I had a strange clinical instructor the semester. If you don't know my situation, see post in the general discussion area from 1-18-03. Yesterday, I met with the instructor to... Read More

  1. by   BeautifulSteph
    I do not feel that many nursing students and new graduates are respected and that hypothesis comes from a statistical analysis that I discovered in a health discussion at Lakeridge Health Oshawa. Many of us are leaving because we are not included in healthcare decisions and we are surrounded in a negative environment with many senior nurses that scare us away from the profession. I can tell you that three potential amazing registered nurses were declined from third and fourth year for reasons that I disapprove of. If there is such a shortage of nurses, then why aren’t the schools being more supportive and more promoting? I almost quit nursing twice in my experience due to “brutal” nurses who told me that I will “never make it as a nurse.” I was told that it is my responsibility to gain experience in clinical and when I asked how I could do that without support, the answer was, “it is your responsibility to learn the skills.” I can continue to go on about this mistreatment. These negative situations have not only been experienced by me but by many of my nursing friends. I cannot stress enough how unfair people can be. If there is a shortage of nurses, nursing students should be getting the respect so that we have a desire to work in Canada. In my opinion, the United States has been attracting me more because they treat me like I am wanted.