Question for 2nd or 3rd year nursing students

  1. Hello All! Im am new at this but I came here looking for some help... I am a pre nursing major who my english teacher assignes used to find out how you 2nd and 3rd your nursing students use writting.. Inside of class and outside ex. at clinicals... If any of you woudl like to put some feedback for me I would Love it... Thanks so much <3
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    I'm a third year student (senior). We've had to write critiques of nursing research articles; we frequently discuss clinical issues in online forums, which take the place of in-person clinical conferences at times; quite importantly, we use writing to communicate with professors when they're not being considerate, or fair, or don't understand students' point of view.

    In clinical, we write up narrative nurses' notes.
  4. by   BensMom
    As a senior nursing student, I have used my writing skills for several papers, nursing care plans, communication with professors and for composing my resume for the all important job search after graduation.
  5. by   Roseyposey
    Papers, careplans...uhm charting.
  6. by   StudentNurseSteph
    I'm a junior... we pretty much just do careplans, research papers, and charting like progress notes and such.
  7. by   Soon2BPaeds
    Don't forget the all important reflective practice review!