Question about volunteering between semesters

  1. I just finished a semester of prereq's, (4.0 A&P1, Gen Psyc and HumII, yay me!!!!). I only have A&PII and HGD left for fall, with my 2 kids I can't take summer courses untill absolutely neccessary(sp) so I was wondering if volunteering(sp) at the hospital I want to work in could possibley help me get hired. I also wanted to know if you get to pick which floor you volunteer on or if the hospital chooses for you.
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I guess the obvious answer is ask the hospital--while some of the stuff related to volunteering is going to be the same (wash your hands, don't talk about what you hear or see, etc.), things like scheduling and where you work is going to depend on what the hospital needs and what you are able to do.

    In my experience, volunteering has never resulted in a job, but in this case, working in a hospital, you might have the opportunity to meet some nurses, which, once you have finished your first semester of clinicals, might come in handy if you want an externship. (Nursing student working as aide is the best way to define externship.....)

    Sounds like a plan--enjoy your summer!