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  1. I was thinking about getting a student loan to help out with daycare and etc this summer while I'm in classes...well I went to talk to the financial aid advisor and she informd me that they do not participate in the student loan program and while I'm attending that school I can't get any type of educational loan unless it's a reg conventional loan (with high interest)..whats up with that????? I am going to a community college, I even checked the fannie mae website and all of the other community colleges around here are on there except for mine...Does anyone elses school do this?????? I don't think thats fair!!!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    The community college here doesn't participate in federal loan programs. They do pell grants and scholarships though. I can't imagine having to pay up front or take regular loans out. Maybe you can go to your bank and see if they do student loans?
  4. by   bigwavedave
    You might try checking with some banks in the area regarding school loans. A buddy of mine took out a student loan (not related to Stafford or any of those usual student loan programs) through Bank of America. I am almost certain they gave him a lower than normal rate, I do not know about whether he is able to put off payments until after graduation. That is a nice thing about Federal Subsidized Stafford loan that I had to take out, I pay nothing until 6 months after I graduate, and until then Uncle Sam pays interest so it does not accrue while I am not paying on the principal of the loan. I am pretty sure B of A has a pretty big presence in NC, I use to work for them here in TX and if I remember correctly their headquarters are in NC. I hope this helps.