Question about nursing curriculums

  1. I am a junior year nursing student. I was just wanting to know how many of you guys struggled with med-surgII. I also want to know what classes such as OB and Peds will be like compared to med surg. Thanks for any input
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  3. by   KimRN03
    OB & Peds are so much fun! It is such a different atmosphere. I was more relaxed in my OB & Peds rotation. I felt it was more of a learning experience/observation experience. I didn't feel like the pressure was on me to perform new skills like there was in Med/Surg. I really liked my rotations in both, but I still did not want to be a nurse in either of those areas. I ended up choosing Ortho . Have fun with those rotations.
  4. by   kahumai
    I'm still struggling with Med/Surg I !!!!!! :chuckle
  5. by   joey442000
    Ill probably end up with a C in Med surg lecture because of one test how many others have had trouble in med surg
  6. by   TinyNurse
    Alot of the students I graduated with struggled with MSII and some even dropped, even more struggled with cardiac, and even more dropped...... I feel that OB wasn't bad since I had a baby the preceeding year, and had read every book insight. Peds wasn't bad because i was raising a kid.
    think of it like this.........pediatrics is everything an adult can get but so can a kid. ( that is what my instructor told me) peds was like an advanced med-surg in my school.
    xo Jen