Question about LPN license in Delaware

  1. Hello everyone and anyone,

    I have a question. I start my nursing clinicals in August. I am enrolled in an RN program at a community college. Will I be able to get licensed as an LPN before I complete all of my RN clinicals. I can't see to get a straigt answer from anyone I talk to. I'm hoping someone in here might have an aswer for me.

    Thanks to all and anyone.
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    It depends on your school. Some schools will let you sit for the NCLEX-PN after a certain amount of time and others won't. The school has to submit paperwork to your state BON certifying that you have successfully completed so many hours and so much of the curriculum, making you eligible to take the test.
  4. by   defenbaker10
    Hi! I am going to Deltech (terry campus) in August for clinicals. I am enrolled in the RN program. I have been told by the school that after your first yr (fall & spring) you can get your LPN license. And then work as an LPN while you complete your second yr for the RN license. Hope this helps!!!
  5. by   reckton
    Thanks so much for the advice. I also go to Deltech(Stanton) and its sometimes hard to get a straight answer from my advisor. Thanks so much, The reason I was asking was because I currently work as an EMT and want to do something to expand my earning potential, even if its a little bit. That, plus, I want to work in hospice and geriatric care, preferably in a Catholic setting, and LPN or at least CNA seems a good place to start.

    Thanks so much for the replies.