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  1. I've started filling out applications for employment and have a quick question. I know hospitals look at your criminal background, employment history, etc. But, how important is your credit history? How much does that matter? My credit history isn't in great shape (mainly because of the expenses of nursing school and inability to work full time). Is this going to keep me from getting a job? Should I be worried?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    To my knowledge I've never had an employer ever look at my credit history. I heard of them doing this for people who get hired into positions of trust where money and finances might be involved, but those are usually very high management positions and they might be looking to evaluate people for the potential of embezzlement. A facility would have to pay a fee to have someone's credit history examined as it isn't done for free. It would get very costly to do credit histories routinely on every applicant for a job. They do criminal background checks that they also have to pay for, but these are mandated by law or by accreditation standard.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Actually - in my area (central IL), it is common to do a background and credit history check. However, when I asked what they were looking for, I was told a pattern of non-payment, repeated bankruptcies, etc.. I would not think poor credit related to school expense (if explained in advance) would be detrimental. Good luck.