Question about Boxes?

  1. Hi folks, hopefully someone might know this. I am doing boxes, the review of the 14 different systems, noting assessment information, creating a nursing dx and then determining nursing interventions. Well....this guy im working up...hes sick, but there are several systems that I would consider him pretty healthy and not really needing interventions. For instance, he has no circulatory issues, he has bradycardia because he exercises a lot, normal bp, rrr etc. (admiting dx = jaundice) My question is, how do I determine a nursing dx if theres nothing wrong with the system? I cant even make at risk dx stick...

    Any help is appreciated!
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  3. by   rags
    Hum... do you have have to do one for each system as part of the assignment?

    You might also look into the manifestations of Jaundice and see what other systems it can affect if gone un treated or not resolved.

  4. by   Daytonite
    If you must use a nursing diagnosis, use a wellness one, such as Readiness for Enhanced Knowledge . . . You should be able to find some teaching for general health promotion regarding heart health (signs of heart attack), cancer screening, etc. Start the ball rolling on some preventative issues to fill in the gaps, if you have to fill in gaps.