1. Hey ~ I'm only a freshman right now, and I'm trying to decide if I want to transfer to a bigger school with a pre-med program. I know you can major in pretty much anything and go to medical school but does anyone know about veterinary school? The only pre-vet program i know of is a UMass Amherst out in the middle of nowhere, or Tufts (and i'd never get in). Okay so finally here's my question: Can you major in Nursing and then go to Veterinary school?
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  3. by   KristaB
    I would check with the veterinary school you are interested in. They would be the ones that would best be able to answer your question.

  4. by   Rainagrey
    I live near the Tufts Vet school (go to their open house every year and I think being a vet is rad and all . . . but it seems that the cost of vet school these days is definitely exceeding the amount of money that a vet makes in a private practice. I hate to rain and all that, but my sister was interested in being a vet, and so we talked to our vet and the other guys in his practice . . . all say the same thing. 1 year at Tufts=$30,000+ How much does UMass cost? (And if you wanna check out vet salaries, look up, it's awesome)
  5. by   Katnip
    I have a couple of friends in vet schools. They need a lot more science and math than nursing schools usually require--calculus, physics, etc. It's not much different than medical school requirements. Very competitive, too.
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician... The vet students that we went to school with are easily 125,000 in debt by the time they get out of school... I also considered Vet Schools, but by the time you get out open a practice and deal with the money that a private practice takes to run, it wasn't worth it.. And actually Vets don't make AS good and people think.... I think a Biology degree over nursing is much more useful and practical... Many look at Vet experiance..
  7. by   Victoriance
    Nurs2B: What type of school did you have to attend to become a Vet tech ~ that seems interesting.

    As far as money is concered, I don't think the price of a school should be a factor. If you're doing well, I don't know of any parent who isn't willing to spend 30k + a year on school. 30k/yr is about average for college now. Well whatever, being a vet would be fun, but i'll settle for being a nurse.
  8. by   KristaB
    Originally posted by Victoriance
    I don't know of any parent who isn't willing to spend 30k + a year on school. 30k/yr is about average for college now.
    Well, I could introduce you to my parents.

    30k a year must be average for a private school. The state universities here run around 4k or so per year. Community college is considerably less...

  9. by   BrandyBSN
    I can introduce you to mine as well! My tuition is 8k a year, and they cant pay that, let along 30k a year!

    Its not that my parents "wouldn't", its just that they are not financially able. Besides, I am not about to ask my parents to go further into debt just to "make things a little easier on me"! They supported me for 18 years. I wouldnt DREAM of asking them for monetary assistance now! Sure, im in debt 36,000 now, but atleast I can sleep at night without fearing that I am placing further hardship on my parents. A parents job is to raise their children, its not their job to fund my endeavors as an adult.

  10. by   crnasomeday
    My goodness, add my parents to that list too. I've paid my entire way through my past seven years of college (changed majors a time or two there). Even if my parents had been able to help, I am absolutely sure my dad would have had a heart attack at the thought of $30,000 a year. As far as 30k/yr being an average figure, I would have to say....HOLY COW....are you sure about that? I attend Southern Illinois University and our tuition is under $4,000 annually. 30k/yr would wipe me out for many, many years to come.
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    Hi... Sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya... I am in Mississippi at my parents for Christmas.... Many states have Veterinary Technician Schools... Most are two year programs and you would get an Associates degree out of it... Depending on the Vet school, some require a Bachelors degree prior, and some do not.. So I would find a list of Vet Schools that you are interested in.. And maybe even some you aren't and get them to send you information. The vet school where I did some of my Tech rotations was at mississippi state university...and they HIGHLY look at Veterinary experiance... Many of the vet students are also Vet Techs... And I think they also require a Bachelor's degree before.. and mainly that is due to all the pre-req's required you will earn a bachelors degree anyways... So start a Bachelor's in Biology, work at a Vet Clinic part time..and working at a Vet Clinic will really let you know if that is what you want to do.. It isn't as glorious as many think.. It is alot more than playing with the puppies and kitties.. The animals BITE and I have the scars to prove it... If you have any questions feel free to email me at or PM me on here Good Luck
  12. by   craff1
    hi nurse 2b

    I'm on that exact track right now in CA, you can pm me if you want to chat, but here's what I've found. NONE of the nursing classes or pre-reqs count toward my premed requirements, which means after completing my BSN, I'll still have 3 years of pre-med classes to take (assuming I don't take some while in nursing school, considering the load there). One thing to think about is that pre vet med is only about 2 classes different than pre-med. I plan to move to Oregon so I can apply as a resident and I will apply to medical school in Oregon and vet school in Washington. Vet school in state tuition is around $10,000/year in most states (there are 26 schools in the u.s.) out of state tuition is double that. Here in CA, medical school is about 23K I think (per year), Oregon is cheaper, and they have only an average of 3.5 for their incoming class (washington is average 3.7). You should write (email) the vet school in (nearest) your state and ask for a prospective student packet. Most states w/o a vet school participate in WICHE which is a program where the states that have vet schools contract to accept a certain # of students from states that do not have a vet school. For both vet and med school you apply through a clearing house. You can apply for 5 vet schools for about $200.00. You have to also send a supplemental statement/questionairre to each individual school (so they can also collect a fee from you!) Anyway, pm me if you want more info, I've researched this thouroughly.
  13. by   Ortho_RN
    Hi Craff1... Im not the one interested.. Victoriance is.... Ive been there done that.. Not interested But are you debating between Vet and Med school??? They are both two totally different worlds.. I guess I am just a lil confused??