Quarter system vs. Semester system

  1. I was curious if there was anyone out there who has done both semesters and quarters. I will be going to UNLV in the fall (semester), and am coming from Seattle (quarter). Full time here for financial aid purposes is still 12 credits, but "real" fulltime is 15 (3 classes, 5cr each). Our quarters are usually 10-11 weeks long, classes m-f.

    I guess I'm just a little nervous to make the transition form 3 classes to 4 or more. Is it more difficult to have that many classes? or does it even out because the semesters are longer. Any insight would be helpful.

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  3. by   Jennerizer
    We normally have semesters....but for pediatrics & obstetrics...the semester is divided in half & we get 2 separate grades---so it's like quarters. I much prefer the quarters. It's nice to be done with a subject in 9 or 10 weeks & moving onto something else rather than a semester of 20 weeks of the same subject. I don't think it's more difficult to have 4 classes--because it is spread out over a longer time period. If you have more than 4 classes, you're kinda pushing it or you enjoy having no life. :chuckle
  4. by   TexasNS
    Personally I am all for the quarters. That is what we have in SA and it is nice when you only have 7 weeks of Mental Health. lol

    But really I enjoy it more although I do find it more intense and sometimes very stress full.

    I have done the semesters also. It is alot of info in a short time but somehow I make it each quarter.
  5. by   RedSox33RN
    I've never done quarters before, only semesters. The nursing school I'm attending in the fall has semesters also.

    One of the schools I applied to for the fall (but haven't heard from yet) offers AD, BS, and MS degrees. If by chance I do go there, in order to be a full-time student I'd have to take 14 credits/semester. Since I'm almost done with my pre-req's, there is no way I could be full time, since nursing classes have to go in order (obviously). But they said I could take the pre-req's for a BS in the place of those I'd already taken if I want to have full-time status, so it would get me that much closer to a BS, if I wanted. I may do that after the first sememster, and know what the nursing classes are really like, etc. If I think it's too much, I don't have to do it.

    Is there anyway you could make sure one of the extra classes you take is an elective or something? I'm taking 3 classes this semester, but one is completely online, and that has been a big help. Not only do I set my own schedule (we only have to take the midterm and final by certain dates. Other than that, we're on our own in terms of schedule), but I don't have to worry about going to class. I have been doing the work ahead of everything else, and actually got really far ahead in it, so I don't even have to pick up the book for another month if I don't want to.

    Just a thought!
  6. by   ucandoit
    We do the quarter system at my school! I like it , and it goes by pretty quick. I just feel so rushed because we only have 9 weeks to learn the material. But, oh well, it will all be over shortly! :hatparty: