Private Student Loans

  1. I have been applying to nursing schools for the Fall 2007 semester. Since I only have a 3.4 gpa my chances of getting into a CC are pretty slim. I have applied to two private colleges. I have used up my federal loans so my only choice is private loans. Has anybody taken out two separate loans for each school year ? One for tuition and one to live off of. I know it is alot of money but I feel that if I am ever to become a nurse this is the only way.

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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I took out a private loan for the balance of the tuition that the Federal Stafford's didn't cover. I did notice that the private loans through the company I used (not sure if its ok to post the name per board rules) which is one of the biggest if not the biggest student loan companies in the USA, specifically state that the loans are for tuition.

    I was going to get a new low intrest credit card and put the balance on that instead of paying the intrest rate on the private loan BUT I'd rather have that amount of money showing as debt on my credit report to show its a student loan than maxing out a credit card.

    Sorry, i guess that babbling I just did really doesn't help much. But I, like you, feel that the money put out is far worth the result I'll nursing license!