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I just found out that I am pregnant! Unexpected** I have two children, they are in their teens. I decided to go into nursing. I am getting my core credits out of the way. I was suppose to start... Read More

  1. by   Rapheal
    How good is your support system? How good are your finances? If you are counting on nursing to elevate yourself as a person and to increase your income then the time to do it may be now. If you are financially stable and can afford to wait then maybe that is the better option.

    Best wishes and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!!
  2. by   babynursewannab
    Same thing happened here. I'm due in December...hopefully the child will wait until after finals are finished!

    I have no family here and am continually in a panic as to what I'm going to do with the baby and school. Financially, I need the extra loan money being in school would get me.

    Good luck sweetie and know you are not alone.