Prednisone a false + on a drug test?

  1. This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if prednisone will show up as a false positive on a drug test? I just got got a script for it, and the last day i need to take it is Thursday, and I will most likely have a drug test Thursday for the hospice agency I am volunteering at. I just dont want them to think I am some kind of steroid user! lol I am not very buff at all anyway.

    I guess I can just bring my pack along just in case and show it to them if there are questions. Just wondering if its happened to anyone before?
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  3. by   brokenroads27
    it may cause a false positive, a lot of things can, including OTC drugs like advil and aspirin. its crazy how many things i've looked up that can cause false positives. you have a prescription for it though, so definitely bring that with you to show them just so you can be prepared. they should have you fill out a paper listing the meds you're on before you do the drug test though anyway so then you can list EVERYTHING (including OTC & vitamins) you take. i think you'll be fine!