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I have a friend that started nursing school with me on August 27th. Last week they found out she had a tumor in her chest growing in her left lung and around the greater vessels of her heart. It has... Read More

  1. by   tachybradyRN
    You are both in my prayers.
  2. by   Sebastiansmom09
    God bless you and your friend as you go through this difficult time. Try to stay positive for her. I know it's frustrating when you want to help and it seems like your hands are tied. Look to the Lord for guidance. We will be praying for a positive outcome, in Jesus' name.
  3. by   AliveToday
    You and she are in my deepest prayers.

    May you have strength and peace during this difficult time.

  4. by   manofcare
    I am praying now for her recovery, for her strength, and for your strength as well.
  5. by   ffweste
    Your friend and her family will be in my prayers. Never under estimate the power of prayer.

    A story of hope for you: A friend of mine, her sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a silver dollar. She already had facial paralysis, partial hearing loss. Well, she went in for surgery last week and the tumor that they saw the day before on the MRI was gone. The neurosurgeon and the ENT called it a miracle. The day after surgery on the MRI, you can see the change, the tumor that was there 2 days before was gone.

  6. by   crunchymomx3
  7. by   NurseJeanB
    Just read your posts and am terribly sorry for you and your friend. I will pray for Kelli and you as well. I send you a big hug for being a good friend. Here is hoping for a healthy recovery and strength.

    Best regards,
  8. by   crazyco
    I will be praying for Kelli as well as all her friends and family.
  9. by   beth66335
    Well, this is my final update for my friend Kelli. She went to be with the Lord today after a valiant struggle. It was very sudden in spite of the cancer, she had the tumor in her chest still and it was growing even with chemo and radiation. It had wrapped around her heart and they didn't realize until this week it was also infiltrating one of the major arteries, today it broke the wall and she bled out.....the blessing was it was instant. She was gone to fast to be scared and she didn't suffer at all. I have cried a lot the past 3 hours, but only for myself I know she is at peace and without pain. Pray for her Mom and her Husband, he has always depended on her so much and they have 4 kids. The 3 oldest are 15 y.o. and up, but the youngest is only 7 and she has a new granddaughter that is only 3 months and will never know her. Thanks for your prayers and support over this year.:heartbeat
  10. by   WDWpixieRN

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. CA is among the worst of diseases and so hard to watch someone you care about suffering with. I lost a 38 y/o friend to breast CA last year. She was seemingly doing well and in 4 short months lost her battle.

    Blessings to you and her family and other friends. :angel2:

    Take care of yourself and thanks for the update! :icon_hug:
  11. by   shippoRN
    I am so so very sorry. So sorry. my heart goes out to you and her family as well.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    Beth - so sorry for your loss.
  13. by   sandybrownfour
    I am praying for Kelli's family and you. Stay positive.