Practicum in PACU, women's hospital

  1. I received my practicum assignment and it's in a women's hospital in their PACU. I am NOT happy with this assignment at all. I have no desire to ever work in surgery or women's medicine.

    Have any of you done a rotation in a women's hospital PACU? How was it? Did you do anything besides vital signs, pain monitoring, incision monitoring for bleeding?
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  3. by   ChristineN
    There is way more than pain management and vital signs that goes into PACU care. I suggest you research PACU nursing some. These nurses take care of Pt's that come straight from the OR, and often pts will still have A-lines in. Sometimes the pt is still intubated in PACU, or for whatever reason was unable to be extubated. If you have any interest in ICU after graduation PACU will be a great prep for that.
  4. by   classicdame
    consider it an opportunity to learn. The patient will be more challenging than the average medical/surgical patient. It is a time for you to be exposed to things you have not been exposed to before. Also, assessments without verbal assistance of patients are done. You really might enjoy it, if you reframe your attitude to one of OH BOY! New Opportunity!