Potter & Perry Fundamentals of Nursing Study Guide - page 2

Do any of you guys use this book for school? and if so did you buy the additional comprehensive study guide that compliments it? and if so would anyone be interested in helping compile the answers to... Read More

  1. by   JarOfPennies
    Quote from algebra_demystified
    The book is crap, and you need the study guide to get anywhere with it. You're not going to believe the amount of BS in that thing, there's no way to prioritize any of that nonsense.

    Get the study guide and memorize the questions and answers. A good chunk of them show up on the quizzes and tests

    Any port in a storm.
    I agree. This textbook is WAY too wordy. I also haven't had time to crack open the study guide with all the reading and note taking. How do you guys find the time?
  2. by   MB37
    I don't think our bookstore even stocked the study guide, I didn't know there was one! We're using that text this semester too, and I got an A on the first test without the extra guide. I always buy and use the study guides when they're available. Does anyone else think it's actually worth ordering?
  3. by   Owensfamily
    We use the study guide. Our school required us to purchase it. It really helps me when I'm studying for tests. Some of the questions in the study guide do tend to appear on the tests too.
  4. by   krenee
    Yeah, I don't have time for a study guide, with just doing the basic reading. I do use the CD exercises. But I think it depends on your school, in my school the exams come mostly from the lectures, not from the book. So my best bet is recording the lectures and making flash cards from the lecture notes. My professors are also pretty good so far about stressing things that will be on the test. If they say "I think it's important for you to know . . ." or repeat something, I'm sure it will show up on the exam!