Policy Papers

  1. I need to write a policy paper nad really have no idea of the guideline I need.
    I wrote a rough draft and was told that I did not follow the criteria of the paper that I needed to.
    I am in a mess. This paper is 25% of our final grade, and I am scared half to death!
    Any ideas or guidelines for me to follow?

    Thanks bunches everyone!
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  3. by   moongirl
    any paper I have ever written, before n school and while in, in the course description usually there is a format instruction sheet. Ask your advisor what your guidlelines are. are they talking APA format?
  4. by   Melina
    I did a search on Google "Writing policy papers" and found some sites you may find helpful.


    Your instructor will have his/her own ideas about criteria, though. Did she give you any feedback?

  5. by   GPatty
    Yea, APA format. I have that down, but apparently I had more of the format of an ethical paper and not a policy one.
    Melina~ thanks for the links, I'll use 'em!