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I am a first year uni student doing my RN's. I just can't motivate myself to do the theory work, as in studying. I have attended nearly every lecture and tutorial and nursing lab session but can't... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    This works for me. Most schools have a quiet study area. I go to mine and absolutely do nothing but study write papers etc. If there are other people studying there it is motivating because that is all that area is to be used for. If I am alone I don't want to get caught (embarrased) not working on what I am supossed to be.

    This method is especially helpful to me when I can't get motivated or can't help giving in to distractions. (Like, 'gee I really should clean out my desk drawers, or gee that lamp needs dusting)
    After I finish my study session I leave it all behind and do something I want. Like go shopping. Take myself out to lunch or what ever.

    Also I schedule some time for just fun. Like one semester I took a beginning tap dance class, another I played golf a coulpe of hours a week, and yet another I learned to fence. I planned one evening a week that was dedicated to SEX. Not just any sex but something special say a special seduction, game or surprising my Honey with trying something new and creative.

    You need balance and if you are not having ANY fun then you got to get some or you will continue to procrastinate about your school work. I'm talking real fun here. Not just vegging in front of the TV. Not just doing what your kids or the hubby thinks is fun. Do what is fun for you.
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  2. by   researchrabbit
    Lots of different ways to get the information from the book to your head...depends on your learning style.

    index cards are one method. Put info relating to one topic on a card. This breaks up the huge amount of info into manageable bits.

    Read your book, highlight ONE or TWO important sentences (or less) per paragraph. Then study your highlights.

    I highly recommend a study group, with each member presenting a topic to "teach" the other members.

    You may find it easier to study if you are also exercising (like on an exercise bike or treadmill).

    Record lectures and listen to the recording.

    Take notes during lectures.

    And...don't miss any lectures. Even if you don't get your reading done, you might get enough out of the lecture to get by.

    If your major problem is motivation, promise yourself a treat that you otherwise wouldn't have.