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I'm curious, what is everyone else doing for their pinning ceremony? We took a poll last Monday to see what people preferred and I am disappointed with the results. Out of a class of 88 only 36... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    We also didn't have a pinning ceremony planned by the school. We were told that it was because of "insurance" reasons. (i.e., in case someone got drunk and hurt themselves in the course of a required school event). Talk about CYA!!
    Anyhow, we all got a committee together, rented a hall, and whoever wanted to go, had to pay. We invited all the teachers for this "independent celebration" and a teacher from each level gave a speech, then one of the teachers gave us a nice speech about the history of nursing and the meaning of the lamp and the pin *sniff, sniff--I'm actually tearing up here; she did too* and how hard we all worked to become part of the nursing community.
    We lit candles at the end of the speech, and then got pinned under a little archway by the person of our choice.
    We had a great banquet dinner, and the local merchants and hospital recruiters had donated items and we were each given a "goodie" bag, and then big donated items were raffled.
    It was AWESOME!!
    Just thought it might give you some ideas.....
  2. by   bassbird
    Well thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Here is what is going on with our pinning/graduation party:

    We are having our pinning ceremony in a park, 2 days before graduation. Each graduate will receive a white rose and then be pinned by an instructor. After that, 80 of us will board a boat and have a 3 hour dinner cruise around the lake. I sure hope we have decent weather! It snowed here two days ago!!!

    The countdown is really on now! :hatparty:
  3. by   nrseAmy
    we have a pinning, although one of the classmates stated she didnt like it being called a pinning tea, so now its an APPRECIATION LUNCHEON. oh im so glad that they cleared the air on that one! does anyone else seem to have those few who seem to take away the excitement and meaning of it all? we have a small class (less than 20) and i tell ya, those few can really ruin it for the rest of us. i for one, like the idea of a "pinning" and calling it exactly what it is, and what is so terrible about tradition? we did get pics taken and even a group photo, but there were the few who even tried to take that one away....
    we will have the "luncheon" next saturday.... right after graduation.
  4. by   babynursewannab
    Oh. Bassbird,

    What lake? I live in Atlanta, but am from Eden Prairie, MN. I miss it...ESPECIALLY the lakes!

  5. by   bassbird

    The boat trip is on Lake Minnetonka. It should be pretty fun! It's hard to believe we are almost through! One more class day and two more test days, until graduation!

    Of course then there is the NCLEX!

    Atlanta is nice and at least it doesn't snow in May there! (It snowed here last night!!!)

  6. by   nurseshn
    Hello I'm new to the board and i was beginning to wander is there anyone here from georgia? What school do you attend and what degree are you working toward?