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Sorry vent ahead..... Has anyone had to take this course for nursing? I just started it for summer I and boy, is it ever BORING!!!! 6 hours a week......... Its so difficult to swith gears from... Read More

  1. by   rebel_red
    Cyberkat and Kristi:

    I am with you two! I loved ethics and philosophy! (even minored in philosophy on my first uni go round.) Guess we are just some twisted sisters.

    As to scifi and philosophy mirroring each other I think that would be a fabulous basis for a paper. (I like scifi also but am not as well versed in its authors as I suspect Gwenith is....)

    Kant, Camus and Kafka! Oh my! Tres chanted to the tune of Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!

  2. by   ava'smomRN
    i ahe to take the class too. and i really wish i didnt, but theres nothing i can do. i hate boring classes.before i hated science but now i love it because i actually learn great things.i agree with youon the whole switching gears thing. hopefully i wil adjust. Good Luck
  3. by   kwagner_51
    I HATED Ethics. I went into the class thinking that we were going to discuss ethical problems. IE abortion, DNR, etc. ALL we discussed was the philosiphers. Aristotle, Mill etc. Our tests were ESSAY!! We had 4 + the final. He gave us a research paper assignment 2 WEEKS before the class ended!! He wanted Works Cited and it had to be 5 pages double spaced with a min of 3 cites. He was an English instructor, so our papers [essay tests] had to meet his standards! GRRRRRR!!

    I am SOOOOO glad I got a B in that class. I NEVER want to take an ethics class again!

    In His Grace,
  4. by   ~Cel~
    Dh and I will both be taking the same, but seperate days, Philosophy class this fall. Sounds like I am going to need extra caffeine before that class!!!

    It might come in handy for some. I remember working (2yrs) on the Oncology unit at the local hospital, and the nurses got together weekly with the Hosp. Chaplain to discuss nursing ethics. It wasn't required of them to attend, like an in-service, but it was available to them for an hour or so once a week. And I am sure a lot of them needed to discuss thoughts or circumstances regarding their role coupled with a doctor's orders concerning dying patients and other things that would lay heavily on their minds. Given their specialty, I'm sure it helped a lot of them deal with quite a few aspects of their super tough jobs. It was available to all the nursing staff on that floor, however, I didn't ever get a chance to attend any of them. I don't think I would have understood it all. If it helped some of them, I'm glad they had it to look forward to.