Philos of Nursing paper is HARD!!

  1. So, I'm trying to write thist paper. Has anyone had to do this yet?
    I'm not nurse yet, how do I formulate a philosophy?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    here are links to older posts from other students who were looking for help with the same paper. you should find plenty of ideas in all the posts that are listed in these links: - some really good links here to sites about philosophy of nursing - also has a list of links to sites about philosophy of nursing
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    Just a you have to compare your own philosophy to the school's? We had to compare/contrast our own philosophy to Orem and then throw in a paragraph about how philosophy affects the care a nurse gives....what specifically does your paper have to be about?
  5. by   noa
    thanks loco & dayonite for replying.
    we don't have to compare it to the school's philosophy or anyone else as we 1- don't have a specific philosophy right now and 2-we did theory in a different class.

    I do appreciate the advice but was mostly venting. I think I may have found a direction for this paper.
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