1. Anyone from Philadelphia here that can offer insight into area schools?

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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    If so, the Rowdy Cowgirls of Idaho are still seeking Caroline and Nick from the Nashville NSNA convention. Caroline and Nick will definitely remember us... their fellow students Michelle and Billy may or may not. Anyone from Philly know student nurses with those names? Possibly from Temple, but we don't know for sure. If so please have them contact me here so we can set up some off-site conversation. Thanks a million!
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    What do you want to know? Worked in Philly area 30 years...

    List of PA schools can be found at PA forum:

    Also check out
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  5. by   phillygn
    Quote from RNinProgress
    Anyone from Philadelphia here that can offer insight into area schools?

    Yoooo Philly ,many schools, cheapist route is CCP which has a very good program for about 3000.00 or under .This is an ADN and really takes about three years with pre-requecsits. I just graduated from Methodist School of Nursing in South Philly .This was a diploma program but has just been taken over bty Jefferson which intends on keeping it 2 years but ADN program. I just passed boards last week Any more question E MAil me at GOOD LUCK!!! a new RN:hatparty:
  6. by   EmeraldNYL
    Do you have any specific questions? I did the accelerated BSN program at Drexel, I had a previous degree in bio. Philly is a great town I think-- cheaper then many other big cities, close to NYC and the beach, and lots to do here.
  7. by   RNinProgress
    Thanks for the replies. I am currently in nursing school in a different state, but my sister is interested in moving to Philly for her nursing education. There seems to be many schools in the area, and I am wondering which have the best reputation. She is likely going to pursue a BSN. I'm really hoping she moves to Philly, so I can come and visit. I'm already jealous just thinking about her living in such a cool city!
  8. by   RNinProgress
    My sis had another question. Is it affordable to live in Philly? She is a poor student like all of us, but would really like to avoid dorms if possible. Are there cheap, but liveable apartments near the schools? We are from an area that the cost of living is pretty low, so I am eager to hear what it's like there.