Pharmacology or Pathophysiology?

  1. So, next semester I will be in the geri/psych rotation and I have to choose between taking pharm or patho. Which one is harder? I hear from upperclassmen, that in our nursing program OB/Peds is much more challenging than geri/psych.. so I want to take the more difficult class with the geri/psych rotation.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   kalmeira
    I found Pharmacology to be the more difficult class, but I think it depends on the program. The students who took Patho a semester before me had a Patho book for med students! It was extremely difficult. The faculty came to their senses, and we got a wonderful textbook that explained things so that it was very easy to understand. Our book was more designed for nursing. Ask around to see what the classes are like at your school.
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  4. by   Imafloat
    I would base it on what kind of thinker you are. If you do well memorizing then pharm is easier. If you do better with processes, patho will be easier.