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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew any helpful pharmacology sites. I can't seem to absorb the equivalencies, and time is ticking! Our next test is dimensional analysis and conversions and I'm getting nervous! Any advice on how to retain this stuff??? Thanks!
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    here are some links that you might find helpful: - here is a list of dimensional analysis links that was put together for high school students to help them learn how to use da. there's a lot of humor here. - click on "1.4 dimensional analysis". it is an interactive program that explains da using animation rather than video in what i thought were very simple terms. also includes several problems you can try your hand at which are not chemistry related but utilize the concepts of da. - this is a medication calculation tutorial. you do not have to login or register to do this tutorial! just click here where it tells you to click here and you are in the program! the left side of the screen has the outline of the course so you always know where you are in the program, or you can skip to a part you particularly want to focus on. there are quizzes at the end of the various sections. this is from the university of san francisco school of nursing. - basic tutorial on getting started with pharmacology math. at the bottom of this home page is a drop down box where you link into any of the following subjects: common conversion factors/equivalencies, common abbreviations, ratio and proportion, iv problems, titration problems, and pediatric pharmacology math. -- the start page of this pharmacology math tutorial presented by the nursing department at the san antonio college. by clicking on the "go figure" button you can access quizzes on basic med calculations, iv, pediatric and ob med calculations. the quizzes all have answers. follow the directions. - a list of most commonly used conversion factors in doing medicine dosage calculations from the chemistry department of del mar college in corpus christi, tx.
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    Thanks for all the great links! I appreciate the help!
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    yes, thanks for the pharm help, i too was suffering from pharm class, make great grades in everything thanks again for the links.