Pharmacolocy math,HELP!

  1. I wanted to know if any of you guys could suggest some good pharmacology math sites. I've tried several searches on the internet, but I've not found any that were much help. I want to start studying some of this stuff before the fall, and try to get ahead of the game (yeah right!) Any help would be greatly appreciated. take care. Darby
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  3. by   Mkue
    Hi Darby,

    How about a Drug Calculation book? Or you could just try a search online.

    Marie :wink2:
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    Those sites are awesome !

    Thanks Sandra

  6. by   Beach_RN I'm totally nervous again! I have a serious case of math phobia... I thought I was so cool because I received a B in algebra...and was totally ready to proceed with alebra 2 and stats in Aug. now that I saw those websites... I'm freaking out again!
  7. by   darby1
    Thanks so much guys for all the help, especially Miss Sandra. I book marked the sites Sandra mentioned, and I'll also be on the look out for a calculations book. I may even go ahead and purchase the book that I'll be useing in the fall, if it's available You all are so good to me, and I do appreciate your time. I think that's the biggest reason that I want to become a nurse. I love the fellowship and friendship of people who genuinely like helping others. It's going to be great to help others, while making a living for our families. I get excited just thinking that I'll be a nurse in just a few more years! If I can ever be of help, in any way, feel free to get in touch my people. Again, thanks guys. PEACE and love in Christ. Darby
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    I know pharm sounds scary, but the main thing you'll need to know is how to do conversions and ratios. For example, if med comes in 20mg per 1 ml and you want to give, say...5mg as the dose, how many ml do you give? One could set up prob as
    20mg:1 ml = 5mg:X. then mult outer and inner #'s to get 20X=5mg . Divide both sides by 20 to get X=0.25ml. I had had Alg 128 and Quantitative literacy (math 140) but if you can solve for X, you'll be fine. Don't be intimidated-this is really the MAIN kind of formula you will you use. You learn drugs as you go...Look on the med cart at the hospital and there may be a laminated list of commonly used drugs listed alphabetically by generic and/or trade names. I made a copy to take home-then my instructor did too!(-drugs are always changing.) I hope this helps-good luck!!!