Peer Mentor Program in NS

  1. Looking to start a peer mentoring program for the new class starting in the fall. Looking for advice as to what should be included? We already have senior students interested in and being members as well as incoming students interested. Please let me know what was in any of your school's programs.
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  3. by   cursedandblessed
    we have a thing where those who are just entering come in and ask questions of those who've already taken the class for tips and things about how to do well. some of us spend time in the resource center with open hours for students who a. need tutoring/study help b. need a shoulder to cry on. we also have certain people who have experience as spouses of alcoholics, single mothers, children of abuse, etc available to reach for those who may need help with those types of situations. as well as having available info as to who at the college/which department to refer someone to for additional/professional help.
  4. by   MurseMikeD
    Partly depends on how your curriculum's set up. I helped institute such a program at my school, and the one thing we found interesting was that it helped to pair male students together. They guys tend to face some unique challenges related to discrimination and it's helpful for them to network with one another.
  5. by   domal02
    Don't have any advice on what to include but do have advice for your students interested on helping other students...make sure they realize what will be expected of them and that is a selfless experience aimed at helping someone else. Our HKANS did this and asked 1st year students that wanted a mentor to sign up and they would pair us up with a 2nd year student. My second year student NEVER emailed me back...I emailed her twice. I'm assuming being a mentor was also a voluntary thing but I got nothing. Hey, I've gotten through without her but it would have been nice to have someone "that's been there done that and gotten through it" to talk to.
    Just wanted to add that in because I, unfortunately, was not the only student wanting a mentor who's mentor decided not to mentor.