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  1. i need help with thinking of 2 nursing diagnosis that are appropriate to the development of a normal, 5 year old healthy child. i had to do a developmental screening assessment on a child and then come up with a care plan for that child.

    i am having a hard time finding any nursing diagnosis that would be appropriate... there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with this child and he has the appropriate level of development for his age... please help with any ideas or web sites related to nursing diagnosis for peds development.... thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    first of all, we don't think up nursing diagnoses. diagnosing is a rational, thinking activity. a nursing diagnosis is a nursing problem that is based upon data that was collected during assessment activities. a 5-year old is in the process of growth and development. a school age child on erickson's developmental stages is entering the industry vs inferiority stage where they work to develop a sense of self-worth (self-esteem). this would have been seen by their behavior in how they answered questions or behaved. recall your conversation with this child again and their behavior that you observed. read about erickson's developmental stages. the child may still be in the pre-schooler stage of initiative vs guilt where they initiate activities and develop a conscience (you will see them enforcing rules on others). you can go to any of the pediatrics websites listed on this thread (Medical Disease Information/Treatment/Procedures/Test Reference Websites) and look for developmental milestones for a 5-year old child to see if this patient is meeting them. there are two nursing diagnoses pertaining to child growth: delayed growth and development and risk for disproportionate growth and development. delayed growth and development is seen in children who have had serious illness at a very early age. their social and verbal skills are not up to par. sometimes their physical growth is lagging behind. if the child is struggling with self-esteem there are self esteem diagnoses. you can always create a wellness diagnosis that begins with the wording "readiness for enhanced" growth and development and give interventions that would be appropriate to encouraging the normal development of a 5 year old. you would find them on the websites listed above. the goals for readiness diagnoses are always to improve the subject being addressed (in this case, growth and development).