PDA"s for nusing school

  1. I was wondering if anyone school is letting them use PDA's??
    I'm trying to get my school program to let us use them.. They want me to show them a few printout's of a few drugs from a download, in order to see if there is enough info, or the info is to abbrivated for the drug cards we have to do..

    If anyone has one, and has a drug book downloaded, and can print off a few of these ... I will be greatful!

    I just hate to carry all those book everyday! And from some of the threads, it seems a lot of nurses are using them....
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  3. by   Dublin37
    Hi cheripa, do a search, there's been lots of talks on them. Heather
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    Cheripa, my nursing school REQUIRES us to have our own PDA. Although they are expensive, they are really convienent in the clinical setting because they reduce the books you have to carry around. On my PDA, I have Davis Drug Guide, Stedman's, RN Labs, RN Diseases, and Lippincott Procedure manual. Check out www.skyscape.com. There are also some free downloads on the web, like dosage calculators and stuff.
  5. by   Angelica
    I bought a PDA at the beginning of my fourth semester. It was really useful in clinical. Wish I'd had it from the start.
  6. by   FsPilotMed1
    I would recommend you get a PalmOS based PDA with at least 8 megs of ram and an expansion card. Go to palmgear.com, you will find a plethora of useful programs to use. Happy computing!

    Dan W.

    -Satisfied Palm user :-)
  7. by   cheripa
    Thanks for all your help! I'm in the process of getting some websites together! Hope this works!