1. I'm returning to school to finish up and have been reading about PDA's (Palms, etc.) I was just wondering are these really useful? From what I've read I think that they would be given the fact that you're able to download drug and dosage info. Can anyone recommend a particular palm to purchase?

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  3. by   nursebucky
    I have a Toshiba 2032 pda/phone.
    I haven't had time to download anything, but I do like it alot.
  4. by   Mariannsi
    Thank you for replying - I was beginning to think no one would reply.

  5. by   JennyRN2B
    I have a sony clie. I love love love it. I haven't downloaded any extra stuff either, however, I have researched the availability of programs that I may need and they are out there.

    If you do a search at the bottom of the main page on the student site, you will find an abundant amount of information reguarding PDA's, it has been talked about numerous times.

    Best wishes in your decision.

  6. by   PennyLane
    I have a Sony Clie SJ22. It's great.
  7. by   Mariannsi
    Well - unbeknown to me - Hubby just informed me that he has ordered me a Palm M515 (I had expressed that I liked it). I will be receiving it Monday. I think he told me because he was afraid I would go out and purchase one. I didn't mean to ruin my suprise.

    Thank to all who replied and viewed!
  8. by   justjenn
    Last Christmas my hubby got me iPaq Pocket PC H3900 something. Main selling point - I CAN PLAY A HARRY POTTER MOVIE ON IT! :roll

    And, it is what some of the Dr's are using. GOt a great memory card & fold out keyboard.

    Can't wait to use it for real. DON'T LET THE BATTERY DIE You will loose stuff.

  9. by   caligirl
    My husband has a Toshiba. I don't know what model.. But he LOVES it. I swear he is always playing with that thing. He isnt a nurse but he is in the military and has tons of appointments and meetings that he keeps track of in that thing...