1. I've not had instruction in the use of PCAs, and this is a device
    frequently used in the hospital.
    Although there was some opportunity to observe the use of them,
    and several opportunities to practice aspects of their use - it would
    be helpful if there was some instruction manual to better explain
    how to use them.
    I've been googling for information, but haven't yet found this type
    of information.
    Can anyone guide me to a source that has maybe some pictures to
    show the buttons, with explanation?
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  3. by   gt4everpn
    It really depends on the brand you're using... where I work (hospice unit) we use the PCA pumps that look like cassette players. Look for the manufactures name and see if you can call them, or even ask your mananger or supervisor what brand supplies your PCA pumps.. but here are some links I found for more info.. there are 3 below.


  4. by   Amy2005
    thanks for the links, the ones that I saw did look like the one in the first linK.
    What make is it?
  5. by   gt4everpn
  6. by   Amy2005
    thankyou - doesn't seem to be any instructions in the link for use
    of the PCA.
    Still searching.
    Any more ideas about where to find instructions?
  7. by   classicdame
    Google for the name of the manufacturer. You will need the model name or number too. Also, your Educator may have a training CD or VHS tape on file. If not, contact the rep for that equipment and get that mailed to the facility. Whoever handles your materiels will be able to tell you who is the rep. Sometimes if all I know is the mfg. name I get the rep's name off their website. It is called "Customer Service".