Paul Harvey

  1. Does anyone listen to Paul Harvey on the radio!

    Today on the radio I could have swore that I heard Paul Harvey say that a new survey or study shows that new nurses are leaving the profession after "4" years. I think he said female, but I know that he said male.. as the sunroof was open, so he might have said male and female nurses are leaving the profession after 4 years.. my husband just kinda looked at me like..???

    I just wondered if anyone else heard it and could correct me or comment.. thanks !! yall !!
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  4. by   Mkue
    Guess I don't surf the BB enough!!

    Thanks Sunnygirl

    The last site was out of order, but I got the first two !
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    lol...i just copy&pasted that last one form one of those threads...didn't look at it...
  6. by   Mkue
    Well I appreciate your thoughtfulness.. I'ts very interesting reading, thanks !!