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  1. by   HikingNinja
    Just an update. We were told just today that we can have a second chance to pass the ATI. We're not sure if that's just for a few of them or all. I suppose we'll get updated tomorrow but we know the hardest one, pharm, there will be a second chance. My anxiety level just decreased by at least 50%.

  2. by   linnusik
    Okay guys, so I passed my comprehensive ATI, thanks for the imput...its so lame, they gave us the wrong test, so the grading scale on it was different, and none of what I studied on the blue print was on there....but my school is apparently retarded. ATI sucks as far as I am concerned...I am graduating and never even want to see another ATI book as long as I live...good ridence. For those of you taking the tests, the focused ones are pretty hard...pharm was actually one of my best scores. The comprehensive test is horrible...I wish you all good luck, make sure you study your butt off, not just from the ATI books, but from text too...and the answers are not all in the book...I know because I have read them all thoroughly. Good luck!
  3. by   MsNurseMS
    ATI books were provided by from my school...they were very helpful...although we dont have to pass the ATI , for us its a great way to practice not only the material, but helping you developing test taking strategies...its really helped me through all my classes, but def. read the books!!!

    Marta from NJ