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So, I got my notice last month to go to nursing orientation July 6, and my mom wanted to come with me. I don't think it's appropriate for her to be there, but I'm not sure. She would be paying for my... Read More

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    There were LOTS of parents at my orientation...but all of them were the actual students
    The parents are the students? amazing ! that is even better. See??? never to late to learn new and different !!!"

    Heck yeah! The majority of the students in my class (and, I believe, in many classes around the country) are somewhere in their early 30's, with children. There were only a couple girls who were about 22 or 23, and very few students WITHOUT children. In the year 2000, the average age of new RN graduates was 30. I'm sure the average has gone up in the past nine years.
    That is very true, the young and childless are few and far between at my school.