1. anyone ever feel like your nursing instructor is out to get you?
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  3. by   JessiekRN
    I plead the fifth.. still have another year to go with my instructors... but ask me again once I graduate...
  4. by   jonzey
    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss!,but probaly was not.
  5. by   AmandaBrittainy
    yes, some of them are. I had one like that last semester. I was not the only one that noticed it either, she always had a negative comment after my presentations or advice to other students. Wicked witch.
  6. by   Becca608
    Some people were not meant to teach.
    Outside of that, the one instructor I felft 'was out to get me' really wasn't. I had to look at my own behavior and what I discovered was that I needed the attitude adjustment. Sometimes we are just plain wrong :trout: and we need to have the maturity to evaluate and rectify situations.

    And that is probably the best lesson I've learned this year.
  7. by   lilypad2424
    I have never thought that an instructor was out to get me, however, the politics can be pretty ludicrous sometimes. We have instructors that befriend the students, i.e. talking to them on the phone, having them over for parties and such. Now whether they help out their students, I don't think so, but it creates a problem w/everyone else. I guess that's how everything is in life, you just have to deal.