Paralegals considering nursing degree

  1. Are there any paralegals out there considering nursing career? I am a Paralegal, starting pre-requisites towards nursing education. I always wanted to be a nurse and think that now is the right time for me. Also, I think that both professions will benefit each other. Does somone have an opinion about that? What is your reason for getting a nursing degree?
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  3. by   BurnBaby06
    Hey there! I am not a paralegal but I was a paralegal student before leaving the program to go into my nursing program. I always worried I was making a huge mistake, but now that I am really getting into the program-I can imagine doing anything else right now.

    I can think of a million ways a paralegal could help you! There is a thread on here called "Legal Nursing." Here is the link if you would like to check it out!

    Please appease me-how do you like being a paralegal?
  4. by   olanurse2be
    Hi BurnBaby06,

    How far are you in the nursing program? Why did you decide to go into nursing as oppose to paralegal studies?
    Honestly, I really like being a paralegal. I used to work for a big international bank as a paralegal, I felt appreciated. In May I've decided to pursue a full time Real Estate job. My husband is also a Real Estate Broker, he is very successful in Real Estate. I thought that I can be like him. Unfortunately, I couldn't be successful, it's just not for me. I regret that I left my job as a Corporate Paralegal. I got really depressed that I couldn't succeed in real estate, I left my job that I liked and it led me to think about nursing. That is something I always wanted. While I was researching the nursing career, I placed my resume online and just yesterday was offered two paralegal jobs, one was for $46K per year, the second one - Commercial Real Estate Paralegal, for $55K. Of course I accepted the second one. Now, I am not sure if I need the nursing degree. I would really like to do it for myself and then, maybe I could become a Legal Nurse Consultant, but getting nursing degree takes a lot of energy and time. I am not sure if I really need it.
  5. by   BurnBaby06
    Well I am in a Practical Nursing program and I almost half way done. I decided to break from my studies and enter nursing because 1) I had this immense fear that I would not be able to find a job after I graduated 2) I am someone who cannot work 9-5. I like odd hours-plus the challenges that come from being a nurse: physically, mentally, emotionally appeal to me. I need that kind kick behind me. 3) I really kind of felt a pull towards nursing.

    I did real estate also! But I left because it was costly and I couldn't stand all the crap that came along with it. I just couldn't quite get a system going & in my area (which is small with so many realtors) I just felt like it was a gamble. Plus waiting 6 weeks for a paycheck was no fun, especially when the deal falls through at the closing table and you watch $5K go out the window.

    The legal world fascinates me, it always has since I was a child. But now that I am half way done, I have fell in love with it. Plus I have absolutely fell head over heels for the pediatric burn unit and hope to work there after graduation. So, when it gets tough-I remember my end goal and it keeps me going.

    If you like being a paralegal-then stick with it. Being a Paralegal is not easy by any means. Maybe you just needed that break and that change. If you are still unsure-you could always start working on some pre-requisites or shadow a nurse for a day to give more insight.

    It is a lot of hard work and a lot of hours to get through nursing school, but when you really want it-it makes it easier to open the books when you just want to go to sleep. Good luck with whatever decision you make-follow your heart!
  6. by   wonderbee
    Paralegal was my first career. My decision to leave law was based on several reasons. First, nursing was my first love. I never wanted to sit in a cubical. Law sort of found me and not the other way around. I love law, research and drafting pleadings. It came naturally to me. But back in the early 90's, I became the victim of recessional downsizing that left me in a big lurch that I never fully recovered from. I lost my house, my car and my mental and physical health suffered. My credit was ruined. It took years before I was well enough to get back into the job market. I just sort of floundered living marginally and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. With the nursing shortage, I know I'll always have a job. Bedside nursing seems to come naturally to me too and I wouldn't go back to law unless I was able to combine it with my nursing as a consultant or nurse paralegal.

    Do what you enjoy doing. If it's law, then law it is. Those are nice salaries you quoted and you don't have to break a sweat or your back.
  7. by   studentnurserachel
    My first degree is a paralegal degree. I never actually used it though. I worked in a law office for 2 years as a legal secretary while I finished my degree and by the final semester I knew absolutely I didn't want to be a paralegal, I just decided to finish up because I had 2 classes left to take and maybe I'll use it some day if I decide to go do Nurse Paralegal stuff. I am now almost to my last semester of nursing school and I feel 180 degrees different from how I felt the last time I was in this boat. I know with 100% certainty that this is where I belong and this is what I was meant to to. It sounds like a great job offer you got and if being a paralegal makes you happy, maybe it doesn't make sense to switch. For me, it wasn't about the money for nursing, I could have made just as much as a paralegal, I was already making almost as much as just a secretary, for me it was about being excited about my job. Good luck, whatever you decide.