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  1. i have to write a paper (not due till end of march, but getting an early start) on ethical dilemma's in the health care industry. I was thinking about nursing taking pts meds, but i think alot of people will use that or nurses taking supplies. Those seem to me like easy topics that many students will choose. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas!
    Please let me know!
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  3. by   mixyRN
    How about the subject of abortion? I recently heard about a case where a nurse refused an assignment of a patient who was to have an abortion. She is pro-life an her situation was definitely an ethical dilemma. As it turns out, the nurse has legal rights to refuse a patient assignment if caring for that patient is in conflict with her religious and/or ethical beliefs.
    I'm sure there are other subjects but I found this one to be very interesting.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    Here is a link for an older thread regarding ideas for ethics/position papers:
  5. by   ale_kat03
    thanks for the idea on abortion, that is becoming a big issue! i will research that!

    thanks for posting a link to another thread i am about to go check it out!!

  6. by   classicdame
    This is a harder one and not likely to be done by all your classmates: Patient is elderly, but competent in every way (how do you know?). FX hip = pain after surgery. Must meet PT/OT goals before going home so has to exercise. Pain meds make him groggy so exercise is done in short spurts. Family wants pain meds withheld so he can meet goals faster and go home (their convenience? Patients best interest?). Patient hurting too much to argue with family. Agrees to anything. What to do? Who is the patient? What role does pain meds have in recovery? Who should be involved in decision? What are guidelines regarding pain mgmt and hip fx? (see This happens practically daily.