Pace ABSN Fall 2018

  1. I am applying for the Pace ABSN Fall 2018 Program. I wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to the program because I realize how much information and support we can give each other. I applied to the NYC campus and plan to drop off my documents in person at the temporary office in a few days.
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  3. by   Lindsey.hoffman8
    I applied in November to the city campus and my application portal says in review so hoping to get an interview.
  4. by   Bankerturnnurse
    It sounds like you are on track with your application. I delayed applying to Pace because of the expense so I started my application later than I wanted. The admissions staff seem helpful so far. I had called to ask about the computer science Prerequisite on the website. Fingers crossed.
  5. by   rileyl
    I finished my application on time for the February 1st deadline.
  6. by   Bankerturnnurse
    Good for you. I just handed in the last of my official transcripts today. We are moving along!! Is your CHECK YOUR APPLICATION screen saying that all your documents were submitted? Mine is still saying incomplete, however, admissions explained that it takes 3-4 days to update.
  7. by   rileyl
    My Applicant Portal still reads incomplete, but the admissions office told me that it was ready to be reviewed when I called yesterday.
  8. by   Lindsey.hoffman8
    Mine has said in review for a week now I just want to hear back already
  9. by   kh426
    Hi everyone! I applied as well and submitted everything over the Christmas break so they didn't have it all entered or get my application sent over to the review committee until January 18th. I had to call admissions a bunch of times to get it all actually entered but they were very helpful. Today I called since it still says I am missing a transcript, but they told me I was actually complete. When I asked about admission decision timelines they told me that decisions usually take 4-6 weeks but that if you were going to be interviewed that admissions would reach out directly to you via email for that. My application still says 'In Review' on the portal and I have not heard anything yet
  10. by   Lindsey.hoffman8
    I just received an email for an interview. I'm interviewing Monday February 12th at 12. Did anybody else hear anything?
  11. by   Bankerturnnurse
    Quote from Lindsey.hoffman8
    I just received an email for an interview. I'm interviewing Monday February 12th at 12. Did anybody else hear anything?
    That's great! Nothing yet for me but you submitted your application early.
  12. by   Djames27
    Hello. I have submitted my application in November and yesterday received an email asking me to choose an interview date. I chose Mon Feb 12 at 8 am.
  13. by   Vruth
    I applied in October and have an interview Monday February 5th, anyone else have one that day??

    If anyone has any insight on the interview process or writing sample that would really help calm the nerves!
  14. by   mmp27
    Has anyone that interviewed on 2/5 heard anything yet or had their application status change?