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Hello, where I'm at school they charge us $100 for a missed clinical day you can only miss three clinicals each semester or you fail and $50 for a missed learning lab. Do your schools do this or is... Read More

  1. by   Logos
    At my school you have to pay before the clinical and like I say you don't pay -you don't go- you fail. They will not let you on the floor without paying.
    At my school very few student's miss a clinical day. I think we started w/ about 95 day students and there are less than 8 that make up at the end of the semester- NOBODY misses. Unless your sick in the hospital yourself- you better be there- that's kind of the policy.
  2. by   KIMMY03
    The school that I almost ended up going to was a "private" (for profit) school and not only was the tuition OUTRAGEOUS (and steadily climbing) but the school also charged you $25 an hr for clinicals which was already included in tuition. If you missed a clinical, you had to make it up on the following saturday; Here's the catch.... Saturday clinicals had to be a minimum of 10 hrs long...EACH! So basically if you missed a clinical, you had to pay a whopping $250.00 to make it up!!! You were allowed to miss 3 before you were dropped...Needless to say, I didn't end up going there!