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we can buy a kit with all the necessary items we need (i.e. blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, sissors, measuring tape, etc). since i have most of what is required, i am buying the other few items... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1

    At least our program provides all that stuff to us! Geesh... what a rip off.

    I saw some kits in the bookstore like that (didn't even check the price). Our skills lab is accessible to us as an "open lab" every afternoon to practice. The only reason I would need a kit like that is if I wanted to do this at home. And why would I want to do that at home if the skills lab has all that stuff provided as part of the clinical program??!!!
  2. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by snlisa
    We also required to purchase watches & scissors. We were also required to pay 60$ for a skill lab kit. It contains syringes, gloves, IVs & all sort of goodies for our skill checks. We are not allowed to open them until the day we are being checked off on the skill.

    Wow you guys! Our program provides that stuff as part of our tuition. NO extra fees for skills test, no extra fees for the items required to test for our skills, and even has open lab time for us (above the 12 hours a week we spend there anyway) with all of that stuff available to practice with. I must have gone through 4 pairs of gloves just figuring out which type and size I like / need. The instructors even showed us the latex / non latex / powder / and sized gloves and encouraged us to find the ones we would use NOW so we would know what we needed later for our patient care.

    Hearing you all talk, I surely hope non of my fellow students take advantage of these things by wasting them, because I would hate to have to pay extra like some of you have to!

    Sorry you are getting nickle and dimed to death
  3. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    lab kit...$83.00
    uniforms...$100.00 (at least)
    BP cuff/stethoscope/pen light kit $109.00
    about 3 x's the amount of books that any other junior on campus (totaling $1000.00)

    lab coat w/ iron on patch, white shoes, a new computer because of all the "advanced programs" (translate: C$@P) they expect us to put on our computers

    PLUS we have to have supplemental insurance ($600.00/year)


    we had to buy our syllabi...

    SNA membership (if you don't get it you are EVIL )

    OH - but you can goto europe for 3 credits all you need is cost of normal 3 credit class, airfare, room and board...about $2000.00 - this is just in case you have any money left...
  4. by   delirium
    Uniform (we buy our own scrubs and buy school vests at $50 a pop, also school patch $7, and school name badge $5).

    Ok, other than that we need:

    Nursing shoes, completely closed (no clogs)
    Straight hemostats
    Bandage scissors
    Watch with second hand

    That's it.

    They provide all necessary equipment for skills check offs, and we are welcome to purchase a bp cuff (like that will happen) but its not required.