Other RN schools in Orange County CA?

  1. I am in nursing school hell at Cypress College, and would love to hear from students in other RN schools nearby that i might possibly change over to. Anyone?? Help!
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  3. by   browneyedgirl71
    Dublin - I'm at Saddleback in OC....love it! I also hear that Goldenwest has a good program.
  4. by   lovethechaos
    I realize it's not in OC, but Cal State LB is pretty close to you, and you could get your bachelor's in two years in the trimester program. I'm in my sixth semester there and it has been challenging but great. If you really don't like where you are, look into transferring. There isn't a waiting list, and I know Saddleback just switched their admissions and now they don't have a waiting list either. I think Goldenwest does, though, so that might not be your best bet. Good luck!
  5. by   I RN A
    I live in Aliso Viejo and I'm on a program at San Bernardino University. It is a long drive, but I don't mind. I'm a partnership Riverside Community Hospital- CSUSB student and have all of my clinicals at RCH, where I would I will be working after graduating. This is an accelerated program and I will have my BSN in 2 years. I think that having BSN is better. I've heard that Long Beach is very impacted and it is hard to get in, so I did't even try to apply. I've applied to San Marcos University, CSUSB and Saddleback. I got into CSUSM, CSUSB and didn't get into Saddleback, but I didn't care, since I was already going to CSUSB. It is much easier to get on a program at CSUSB because they accept 80 students 2 x a year. There is one transfer student in my class, she transferred from Loma Linda.
  6. by   Dublin37
    i really did not want to deal w/a bachelors right now. i already have a ba from years ago, so i just wanted the rn. i heard that saddleback was crazy hard like cypress. is the time commitment outside of class insane? this is my typical tues: class from 800-1130, drive 40 min to hosp to p/u assign, get pat. and fill out paper work for about 1 1/2-2 hrs, drive home 45-1hr, eat dinner, start prep work for oh 3-5 hrs. go to bed hopefullly sleep 6 hrs (most stu sleep w/only 3 or 4, but i refuse, i'm too old), wed. get up 430, work 630-1600, go home hr drive home, eat, home work 3-5 hrs. hellish, i'm telling you. is this normal for you all? thanks for the info!
  7. by   mommy_xo
    that sounds about normal. i'm attending csulb's nursing program, but i live in mission viejo (south oc) and have taken classes at saddleback.

    have u tried looking into santa ana college?

    you mentioned you have a BA...some colleges have a 15 month program to get a second bachelor's in nursing. it's just as tedious as getting your associate's degree in nursing too, but at least you're getting a higher degree for the same work.
  8. by   I RN A
    I go to school only 2 times a week T-Th. Last quarter I had clinicals from 6:45 to 12:00 and a lecture from 14:00 to 15:50. Only 7 units, where at Saddleback there are 15 units/semester. Next quarter I will have 11 units and the same days of the week. The clinicals will be the same, but the lecture will be from 13:00 to 17:50. I also have BS degree and I'm not very young. If you will apply to CSULB, they will only consider you for the accelerated 1 y 4 mo program, which is very hard, my friend is on this program.
  9. by   mommy_xo
    saddleback doesn't have 15 units of nursing a semester...that's only if you include general education, which many students who enter have already fulfilled. saddleback has an average of 7 units of core nursing a semester.
  10. by   Jme2007
    I just finished at Golden West College and many people who leave here on their own go to Cypress, Saddleback or Santa Ana. I felt that Golden West was very hard. I have to say that seeing Cypress students at some of the same clinical sites as us and they had more preferrential treatment. The staff at hospitals were more receptive to the Cypress College students so for me that was a let down. I go to clinicals and have a thirst to learn. That is where I do it best and I sometimes felt restrictions into the learning environment. I dont know what happened it the past if anything with our school, but I heard that rumor too that our school had a great ruputation. Hmm.....

    As far as the units go, they are usually 9-10 per semester and that is NOT counting any general ed or prerequisites. May I ask why you want to go somewhere else?
  11. by   Dublin37
    [font="arial"]ya know it's not the units, it's really not bad in class and on clinicals. it's the time expected and work load expected outside of class, it is absolutely insane. it's true, for most of us, that the hospitals work well with us, but some of the teachers are horrible to students, humiliating them, proud of their reputation for getting rid of students, down right mean and bullyish (bullying?). many, many days, i'd watch students crying in the halls or in the bathrooms. the stress is so intense, than many leave. i am older and thicker skinned than most of the younger ones, but i'm also less apt to take any cr*%. so i am just wondering what it's like elsewhere.
    i do not have the gpa to get into any of the bsn programs, even with my degree, and i don't really want to do that right now, even if i could. i am having to go back to take half of my first semester, so really it's almost like starting over. i passed 2 of the 3 classes, [evil]but had a bad run in w/one of my teachers who wanted me out [/evil](i spoke my mind with her one too many times) if you want the long story you can check out my blog that's listed on my profile. anyhoo, thanks for the great info everyone. please keep it coming.
    is there a difference in santiago college and santa ana college nrsg program? are there waiting lists at both?? thanks!
  12. by   Dublin37
    Quote from browneyedgirl71
    Dublin - I'm at Saddleback in OC....love it! I also hear that Goldenwest has a good program.
    Just looked at it. It is awfully far... How long did it take to get in? Did you have a lot of points?
  13. by   Altered
    Good luck getting in as a transfer student to GWC. I have the handbook and it'll take you a long time to get in. Besides, your workload is normal. I've heard, from everyone I've talked to, that Golden West has the heaviest workload. That being said, I'd NEVER transfer programs. I'll take the challenge any day!